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We Get It: You like eating out at all the trendy restaurants and are worried that becoming vegan will impact your choices! Well fear not, times are-a-changin’!!!

The number of vegans/vegetarians in the U.S alone has reached 16 million, or 5% of the population up from just 1% in 2009.

Restaurants have responded to this growing trend with new vegan restaurants popping up everywhere. Also, more and more non-vegan restaurants now offer a vegan menu or vegan options alongside their regular menus. Haven’t noticed? Well, you probably haven’t been looking!

There are numerous websites and apps now available that will help you pinpoint the vegan or vegan friendly restaurants in your neighbourhood:

The internet is full articles about the hippest and trendiest vegan restaurants in all the big cities. A simple google search found these:

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Los Angeles

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There are also numerous vegan blogs that often post about new vegan discoveries in their cities. So get exploring. Going vegan doesn’t limit your choices, it expands them! All in a cruelty free way that’s better for your health, the animals and the planet!

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