Climate Vegan Action Plan

Plans for a global climate vegan movement from individual action to political action including setting up worldwide meat-free and dairy-free, climate protection zone


(1) research: literature review on climate vegan connection; list of references on “meat and dairy’s” contribution to global warming

(2) public education campaign: awareness campaigns; individual behavioural change and societal change (community initiatives; institutional initiatives); posters, articles, leaflets

(3) develop a video series asking ordinary and famous people why be climate vegans

(4) develop classroom curriculum

(5) climate vegan brochure

(6) teach-Ins

(7) climate vegan conference

(8) climate vegan speaking tours


(1) develop social media: websites, facebook, tumblr, twitter, instagram, and so forth

(2) create posters, banners, buttons, t-shirts and other climate vegan merch

(3) short docs: Climate Change 101; Climate Vegan 101; why I’m a Climate Vegan

(4) promote climate vegan message at Live Earth mega-musical concerts and other concerts

(5) distribute docs (e.g. An Inconvenient Truth, Extreme Ice, Meat the Truth, Cowspiracy, Disruption)

(6) film screenings

(7) climate vegan film festival

(8) pay per view climate vegan video

(9) infographics for Climate Vegan campaign

(10) public transit ad campaign

(11) media events


(1) Climate Veg Pledge

(2) lists of public, scientist and celebrity endorsements

(3) mentoring program

(4) veg starter kits

(5) vegan cookbooks, recipes, blogs…


(1) direct action: vigils, marches, demonstrations, civil disobedience and so forth

(2) school and college program: creation of climate vegan clubs

(3) emphasize co-benefits in working with other climate action groups: work with car-free zone movement; encourage massive shift to public transit, cycling, walking; support massive reforestation; energy conservation; energy efficiency; renewable energy; reduce overconsumption; population policies; and so forth

(4) approach animal rights groups to develop climate vegan campaigns and form alliances

(5) approach environmental and other groups to adopt climate vegan campaigns aimed at eliminating meat and dairy consumption and moving towards plant-based diet

(6) build local, regional and international alliances of animal, environmental, scientific, labour, religious, and other organizations to address the practices of everyday life and general structural change in our diets towards meat-free and dairy-free, plant based diets as an essential strategy to have a meaningful effect on climate change

(7) policy advocacy: promote assertive policy initiatives for radical dietary shifts to save the planet from catastrophic climate change; call on governments to encourage veganism and promote meat-free and dairy-free diets

(8) policy advocacy at all levels of government

(9) stop animal agriculture subsidies

(10) meat-free and dairy-free zones: promote meat-free and dairy-free zones from households to events and institutions to regional, national, transnational and international bodies, similar to the nuclear-free zone movement to save life on the planet